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General Services


What are your hours?

Normally the office is open from 9:00AM - 5:00PM weekdays. Should you need to stop by during non-normal business hours, feel free to contact us.



What will you charge for an initial meeting?

After discussing the services you require, I would be glad to meet with you at no charge to gain a better understanding of your individual financial situation. This meeting typically would last from 15 minutes to one hour. I would then furnish you an estimate of my fee for the services we discussed.



I am happy to answer any specific questions you may have.
Feel free to call 610-670-1040.





What do you charge for preparing a tax return?
My fee for tax return(s) preparation varies based on the time involved and the complexity of your return. If you are organized and your return includes a 1040 and Schedule A, my fees start at $200. The fee for more involved returns would be geater. I could let you know ahead of time what my proposed fee is. I will not exceed the proposed amount without notifying you and obtaining your consent.



Suppose my tax return is chosen for audit or the IRS questions part(s) of my return?
My fee for tax return preparation does not include any additional services such as representation before the IRS. Your return may be selected for audit randomly. Oftentimes, if a portion of your return is questioned, it will not involve physical representation. Written correspondence often resolves any questions the IRS may have. I would be glad to let you know beforehand the amount of time I estimate to respond to the IRS and what my estimated fee would be. Should my fee exceed the estimate, I will immediately discuss this with you before performing additional work.









Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring with me to your office in order for you to prepare my returns?
If you received an income tax organizer from us, do your best to complete the organizer and return it to us. If you are a first year client, please bring a copy of last year's tax returns. Forms you may receive that I need include W-2's, all Forms 1099 and 1098 (mortgage interest). I do not need to see your other tax receipts however I ask that you summarize them for us. For example, summarize all cash contributions. If you contributed $500 or more in noncash contributions (Goodwill, Salvation Army etc.), I will need a description of the property and the date the property was contributed. If you bought or sold real estate, or refinanced real property, bring your HUD-1 closing paper.



How long should I retain my tax records?
Generally, tax records should be retained seven years.



Identity theft and your tax records.
The IRS will never contact you via email. Do not respond to any such emails. Never provide any personal information unless you initiate the contact and are very familiar with the website.


Rodger Krause, CPA

Certified Public Accountant

If you require additional information we invite you to schedule an appointment with our firm.

All matters are held in strict confidence.


Email us at: or call us at 610-670-1040.


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